Hello! I am a visual artist based in NYC who makes paintings, collages, and mixed media art.

I also consult as a digital content editor and advisor for independent artists, owner-operated small businesses, and other orgs.

Years ago I co-founded an artist-run contemporary art gallery. It was a labor of love that underwent numerous iterations — first as an online showcase, later as an ecommerce art editions shop turned physical space. (It’s currently morphing again. Please stay tuned!)

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Since 2015, I’ve been working with a select handful of clients, offering support in digital communications. This involves a wide range of activities such as editing and organizing digital assets, copy- and blog- writing, and curating or creating visuals. Current clients include Talkbox Productions and Templeton World Charity Foundation.

Thanks for being here! I’d love to hear from you — the best way to get in touch is via my contact page.