Portrait of Elisha by Mindy Fisher @Ornaglyphology

Elisha Sarti - 2017
Mindy Fisher, Elisha, 2017
Gouache Painting
8 x 8 inches.

Mindy Fisher @Ornaglyphology began the Lady of the Month portraits project at the beginning of 2017, when in response to 2016’s “crazy and disappointing” U.S. election, she decided to each month of the Trump presidency, and possibly beyond, paint a portrait of a woman who has inspired her. “I want to fight hate and fear with love,” says the artist.

I am flattered and very excited to share that this month Mindy chose to paint a portrait of me as her Lady of the Month! Click here or the image above to learn more.

Mindy, who’s based in Vermont, specializes in gouache paintings. I especially admire and am often intrigued by her ongoing series called “Ornaglyphs” which feature “bird-like characters and a hieroglyphic non-language that is open to interpretation.” When the ornaglyphs are not part of a portrait, she creates them spontaneously and from a stream-of-conscious mindset.

To learn more about her projects and see more of her lovely artworks, check out Mindy’s web site here: MindyFisher.com