Elisha Sarti

Visual Artist, American.
Lives and works in NYC.

Elisha Sarti

With a “collage-on-the-fly” mindset, Elisha Sarti gathers materials for her compositions. Attitudes and scenes borrowed from images originally constructed as advertisements freely mix with real life vignettes. Disposable mass media like junk mail, tabloid magazines or posters on city walls provide snippets of visual poetry to combine with personal snapshots. Her artwork activates the senses by incorporating imagery of hands, eyes and mouths into depictions of city, country and dream life.

Elisha often refers to the collages in her ongoing series as having a variable output medium and size, since the image originates as digital and can be realized in a number of formats. She has translated images from this series into paintings, drawings, prints and an iPhone app.

Elisha is co-founder of NOWhere Limited – Contemporary Art, a retailer and publisher of fine art prints and other artists’ multiples. In Winter 2012, she moved from Boulder, Colorado back to New York, along with her husband artist Scott Lickstein.

Elisha talks more about her work in an artist’s statement (Spring, 2012) here.

There’s also an interview with Elisha at Randel Plowman’s companion site for his book, The Collage Workbook: How To Get Started & Stay Inspired.

Contact: Elisha at ElishaSarti.com

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Elisha also freelances offering support in digital communications (copy- and blog- writing, visuals, etc.)